Daniel Dvoress Wins Super MILLION$ for $394,000

Breaking Down the Action:

  • Two Canadian Legends Bust Early
  • Nolet Goes from Hero to Zero
  • Dvoress Closes it Out

The Canadian player Daniel Dvoress bagged his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title as he beat a final table featuring poker legends such as Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson, Ami Barer and Guillaume Nolet to claim the crown.

Let’s look back at another dramatic conclusion to our favourite online weekly tournament with a $10,000 buy-in and a whole lot of excitement every time it takes place.

Two Canadian Legends Bust Early

It was Ami Barer who became the first player to leave the action in 9th place when his decent starting position of sixth on the grid saw him overtaken by three others before his engines really got started.

Barer’s raise with pocket tens ran into Guillaume Nolet’s pocket aces, and Nolet’s three-bet was shoved on by Barer and gleefully called. Nolet even managed to flop an ace for top set and Barer was drawing dead by 4th street, cashing for $61,387 but on the rail.

Next to go was Moroccan-based player Idris Ambraisse, whose all-in with king-jack was doomed when Nolet again made the call with ace-queen, a queen on the flop doing the damage.

The early exits weren’t over, either. Mike Watson was the victim of an all-Canadian showdown as he fell to his compatriot Daniel Dvoress, the latter moving all-in with jack-eight, and was called off by Watson with pocket sevens. The eight on the flop and jack on the turn saw Watson on the rail for $97,761 and the field reduced to six.

Nolet Goes from Hero to Zero

There were five Canadian players from the nine finalists and it seemed like destiny would see one of them victorious. For some time, that seemed most likely to be Guillaume Nolet, but he went from leading the field to having no chips at all in the space of just a few big hands.

It would be Fabrice Touil who busted in 6th place for $123,370, his shove queen-nine from the big blind called out by Nolet’s ace-king and busted by it too.

Next to fall by the wayside was Norwegian player Preben Stokkan. If you’ve never seen Stokkan in action, then you’ve missed one of the most attacking players in poker, a frequent end of Day 1 chip leader in many tournaments that take place live. He was unable to go further than 5th place ($155,688) sadly for him, as his ace-queen call of Dvoress’ super-aggro move with king-deuce was proved correct but flopped wrong as a deuce saw Stokkan unlucky given his excellent call.

Nolet seemed on course for an all-Canadian showdown, but it wasn’t to be. He cashed for $196,472 when he lost three pivotal hands to prove how dangerous no limit hold’em really is in tournament form. Anyone is normally two or three hands from the door and so it proved when king-queen lost to pocket sixes, before king-queen again lost out, this time to ace-eight. As if to prove that it had to be third time unlucky, Nolet again went all-in with king-queen and this time for his tournament life. Up against the jack-ten of Daniel Dvoress, the latter prevailed to leave the stunned Nolet out in 4th place.

Dvoress Closes it Out

From there, it was a case of closing out the win for Daniel Dvores and he managed to do so with comparative ease when looked at against the failing efforts of Nolet.  The only other Canadian to remain in contention, ‘McDavid97’ busted for $247,939 when his final three big blinds went down with ace-king to king-ten, but his result was amazing and his quietude at the final table understandable. Having qualified for just $525, the Canadian player had won nearly a quarter of a million dollars – some return.

That hand went the way of United Arab Emirates-based player ‘DaiMin141319’, who had the marginal chip lead going into the heads-up as a result, Dvores holding 9.3 million chips to the 9.7 million chips of his opponent.

The tables were turned in a massive pot where both players flopped a queen, with Dvoress holding king-queen against his opponent’s king-nine. It’s a good job Guillaume Nolet wasn’t there to see it win, but Dvoress’s kicker propelled him to the win, the final hand coming when Dvores shoved with ace-six and ‘DaiMing141319’ called with king-jack.

Ace-high was good enough to mean that ‘DaiMing141319’ won $312,889 for their runner-up finish and Dvoress was the champion, raking in a tip-top $394,852 for the win.

GGPoker May 12th Super MILLION$ Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Daniel Dvoress Canada $394,852
2nd ‘DaiMin141319’ U.A.E. $312,889
3rd ‘McDavid97’ Canada $247,939
4th Guillaume Nolet Canada $196,472
5th Preben Stokkan Norway $155,688
6th Fabrice Touil Morocco $123,370
7th Mike Watson Canada $97,761
8th Idris Ambraisse Morocco $77,468
9th Ami Barer Canada $61,387

Want to watch all the action from the final table with commentary from Rotterdam and Nanonoko throughout? Check it out here: