Missouri Lottery Sustains Potent Scratcher Sales With Jackpot FOG Launch – La Fleur’s Lottery World

The Missouri Lottery is celebrating the winter season with a relatives reunion. Its new Jackpot Household of Video games (FOG) introduced Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021 as substitute game titles for most of the holiday getaway-themed online games.

Winter season FOG launches are crucial to sustaining robust scratcher sales following the holidays are more than. “This has ordinarily been our greatest launch period of time in excess of the last several years and has saved the holiday break momentum likely,” stated Invoice Burton, Scratchers Solution Manager, Missouri Lottery. The FOG is printed by Scientific Video games.

There are 4 cost factors made available:
$10 “$1,000,000 Jackpot” (prize payout 74%)
$5 “$100,000 Jackpot” (prize payout 68%)
$2 “$25,000 Jackpot” (prize payout 66%)
$1 “$5,000 Jackpot” (prize payout 62%)

The Missouri Lottery estimates weekly income of $3.4 million and .56 per capita for the merged Jackpot FOG. It also furnished the estimated weekly revenue and weekly Pc sales for personal FOG game titles under:

  • $10 “$1,000,000 Jackpot” – $1,522,911 (12-7 days weekly average), .25 Pc
  • $5 “$100,000 Jackpot” – $1,075,213 (12-week weekly typical), .18 Computer system
  • $2 “$25,000 Jackpot” – $526,640 (12-7 days weekly average), .09 Laptop
  • $1 “$5,000 Jackpot” – $316,525 (12-7 days weekly ordinary), .05 P
  • Family Activity totals – $3,444,289 (12-7 days weekly ordinary), .56 Pc

There is no paid out media guidance but the FOG will be promoted at retail. “We will deliver retail/POS presence,” claimed Rhonda Fehr, Advertising Supervisor, Missouri Lottery.

In addition, there are social contests. “New Scratchers releases are featured in a “MO Money Monday Giveaway” on social media, commonly the final Monday of the month. The winner receives $300 truly worth of the new games launching that day,” explained Wendy Baker, Communications Manager, Missouri Lottery.

The FOG is also supported as a result of unique players’ club promotions. “Players who enter all 4 FOG tickets obtain a wheel spin to get paid Draw Details, Prize Points or quick-acquire coupon codes in the My Lottery® Gamers Club,” documented Kristin Vuilcott, Draw Video games Solution Manager, Missouri Lottery.