Offended lottery winner flushes just about 50 % a MILLION dollars down the bathroom — Silver Lotto

A 63-yr-outdated German woman downed 5 bottles of champagne a number of times right after a $420,000 lottery windfall… just before drunkenly tearing the cash into parts and flushing it down the toilet.

Some persons do ridiculous factors with cash. Angela Maier won $420,000 in the German national lottery, prompting the nursing house the place her spouse died to mail her a bill toward his professional medical costs, a court heard in her residence town of Essen.

When she examine the letter, she grew to become so indignant that she threw away her income in a rage.

She claimed to have downed the champagne and then tore up the dollars, which she then flushed absent.

Later Maier settled the situation with the residence for $5,500. It is not regarded if Maier has been capable to reclaim the cash, considering the fact that legal professionals argued it would be difficult to demonstrate that she built up this tale.

Why precisely Maier was holding nearly half a million dollars in income in her household remains unclear.